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Innovation culture

Innovation Culture & Change provides consulting, training, coaching, research and education in intercultural management and creating cultures of innovation by benefiting from cultural diversity:

  • Corporate and regional culture change: Creating Cultures of Innovation
  • Cultural aspects of organisational integration: making mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures and alliances across cultures work
  • Cross-cultural competence: intercultural teambuilding, intercultural leadership and intercultural communication skills to create cultures of innovation in international cooperation

Innovation culture

Peter Prud'homme van Reine


Sustainability Valley

Sustainability Valley stands for a dynamic environment in which knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship are transferred into sustainable innovations. Sustainability has become one of the main drivers of innovation and many regions in the world aim to transform into a 'sustainable innovation region'. Culture is an essential element of the innovation environment in sustainable innovation policies.  Peter Prud'homme has recently published in international and Dutch journals and books on how to create "Cultures of Sustainable Innovation':
Creating cultures of sustainable innovation (in Journal of Innovation Management, Sept. 2013)
De dilemma's van duurzame innovatie (in the book "Versterking van innovatie", ed. R. Kok et al, Boom/Lemma 2013)

Peter's research shows that the creation of a Sustainability Valley requires the development of a dynamic balance on a number of Innovation Dilemmas:

  • 1.       Technology/content driven Regional Innovation Systems versus Regional Innovation Systems driven by users and market needs
  • 2.      Regional Innovation Systems characterized by open innovation in cooperative trust-based relationships versus Regional Innovation Systems characterized by closed innovation in competitive relationships
  • 3.       The dilemma between creativity and consistency in regional innovation systems 
  • 4.       Regional Innovation Systems focused on fundamental research versus Regional Innovation Systems  focused on application oriented R&D
  • 5.       Regional Innovation Systems characterized by high quality of life versus Regional Innovation Systems characterized by thriving business climate
  • 6.       The dilemma in governance of Regional Innovation Systems: participative versus decisive leadership.
  • 7.       Strong identification with the regional culture versus leveraging cultural diversity for innovation
  • 8.       Innovations aimed at long term solutions for societal and ecological problems versus innovations aimed at short term economic profit 
  • 9.       The dilemma of continuity versus change of the regional innovation system: regional specialization versus regional diversification